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In order to ensure the safety of customers and to comply with the manufacturer responsibility, at the request of Mitsubishi Motors Japan (MMC), Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. (MMV) will implement the recall campaign for Xpander and Outlander models to replace new fuel pump. Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam will officially launch the program from January 18, 2021 to January 17, 2023 at all MMV’s authorized distributors nationwide. Models and quantities of Xpander and Outlander vehicles affected in Vietnam as below: 

No  Model  Model Series  Year of manufacture  Quantity 
1 Mitsubishi Xpander   LRQHLVVT  21/08/2019 – 20/09/2019 3,696
2 Mitsubishi Outlander   XTXGLVT 15/01/2018 – 21/07/2019 5,370

Note: All Mitsubishi Xpander cars assembled after September 21, 2019 and Mitsubishi Outlander assembled after July 21, 2019 have been equipped with improved fuel pumps.

The fuel pump inside the gas tank may stop working, leading to inability to start the engine or shut-down of the engine. 

According to the investigation of MMC, the inflated impeller inside of the pump might have caused it to touch the surrounding parts of the pump body and stop the pump from spinning, which can result in the engine inability to start or the engine stalling. For fuel pumps, the impellers are made of low molecular density plastic so it is easily swollen under normal operating conditions. 

According to the program’s terms, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam will conduct a replacement campaign with the new improved fuel pump for Xpander and Outlander for FREE completely (including spare parts and replacement fee) at all authorized distributors of MMV nationwide. The replacement should take 1.2 hours (approximately 72 minutes) for Xpander and 1.1 hours (approximately 66 minutes) for Outlander. 

Affected car owners will be notified of details regarding the recall campaign by MMV authorized dealers via e-mails and phone numbers provided. In order to save waiting time and to be served better, MMV looks forward to receiving customers’ sympathy and cooperation by contacting the nearest Authorized Distributors directly to make an appointment before bringing the cars to the dealer.  

The implementation of this campaign, once again demonstrates the responsibility of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam for the safety of our customers, which is always a top priority to the company. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We expect to provide the best customer experience. Thereby, MMV commits to improve the quality of products and services to deserve the trust, support and expectation of Vietnamese customers. 

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