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The “Challenge fuel economy” with Mitsubishi Mirage – Attrage

History 100 years of constant improvement has helped Mitsubishi cars produced durability, outstanding performance and above all the ability to save fuel pros Vietnam. To provide the opportunity to experience the cars the urban fuel this leading to customers nationwide, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) launched the program: “The Eco-Drive Challenge with Mitsubishi Mirage same – Attrage.

In June, consumers nationwide can the authorized agent of MMV participated in a test drive Attrage / Mirage to get just the part gifts from agents, besides that if 1 in 3 customers achieve the best results in challenging fuel economy, customers will have the opportunity to receive rewards worth $ 5 million, 10 million and 15 million the same opportunity to participate in Finals “challenge fuel economy Mitsubishi Mirage same – Attrage “MMV is expected to be held in January 7/2017. Through the program, Mitsubishi desire to reassure customers value the core of Mirage – Attrage:

– leading fuel economy
– Japan Quality
– Spacious, comfortable, convenient

* The time and venue for the program:

– fuel-saving challenge – held in the National Dealers: 03-30th June 2017
– The final round of nationwide fuel economy challenge: July 2017

* Form of participation:

– Sign up for a test drive Mirage / Attrage at the Mitsubishi national dealer (register online or in person at the Agency). Register now at
– Test drive Mirage / Attrage in distance of about 10 km or less (depending on the conditions applied by each agent).
– Pursuant to the index average fuel consumption (L / 100km) – displayed on the display screen of the car as much information – to record results the best fuel consumption during driving.
– 03 client results drive the lowest fuel consumption of each agent will receive a gift coupon to use at the Dealer services worth the equivalent of 5 million – 10 million – 15 million. Customers have the best results in each Dealer will be invited to the finals scheduled to be held on May 07/2017.
– In case customers have the best results, the winner will be decided through a lottery form held by each dealer.
– Summary of results, information and gifts to customers on the date 07.04.2017.
– Customers with the best results of each agent will be MMV covered the cost of travel, accommodation to participate in the national finals.

* Gifts – Awards:

– Join a test drive: Get immediate gifts section (applicable depending on the dealers).
– 03 the rounds at Agent: Coupon use the service at Agent value equivalent to 5 million – 10 million – 15 million with a term of use 02 years from the grant date for 3 customers that results from the best. This coupon can be transferred to other customers.
– 01 national awards final – applies to clients win in the national finals challenge expected fuel savings held in May 07/2017: Coupon worth 100 million VND to buy Mitsubishi in the Mitsubishi dealers nationwide have until 30th November 2017, this coupon is transferable to other customers.


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