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The 2020 HTV Challenge Cup – the largest terrain race in the country will take place at Hoa Phu HTV (Cu Chi) on November 15 (bicycle and terrain motor) and from November 19 to 22 (terrain car) with the participation of about 300 athletes. In particular, this season will be attended by female drivers.

Racing AKA is a professional terrain sports car racing team that was launched in Hanoi on June 12, 2019. The team took a big surprise when they participated for the first time in the AXCR – the cross-country Rally of Asia, in the International Automobile Federation (FIA) car racing system last year. Coming to the HTV Challenge Cup 2020, Racing AKA participates with two competition teams including experienced drivers who share their passion for cars and speed, and are also the coaches who guide the top car safety experience in Vietnam today. In the first year of participating in the HTV Challenge Cup 2020, the Racing AKA team promises to pay tribute to the exciting and engaging race, with the arrival of female drivers. This will be the unforgettable mark of the biggest car festival of the year for terrain enthusiasts.

New Mitsubishi Triton of the two girls “Racing AKA” will be well cared for, maintained and prepared with technical support from the team of specialists of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam and the famous tire company Toyo Tires.

Mai Thi Cam Na (AKA Racing team) has some words to share at the opening ceremony of the tournament as follows: “Playing a terrain car requires not only the understanding of the car but also the passion. The program is an opportunity for me to exchange and learn from people who share the same interests. We still choose the New Triton as a match car, because the car is equipped with many features suitable for many difficult terrain, has gained more confidence and helped us achieve many impressive achievements, successively winning in the last terrain racing tournaments. New Mitsubishi Triton is very suitable for the iconic “Pick up sports and terrain” model.

Besides the skill and seasoned experience of the drivers. MIVEC 2.4L DIESEL engine with electronic variable valve control technology and Mitsubishi’s famous Super Select 4WD II 2-bridge drive system, along with 4 terrain mode options (Gravel – Mud – Sand – Rock;) will be powerful aids to help riders easily conquer challenges at this tournament.

Over a century of development, with a wealth of experience participating in the ultimate tournaments and 12-time championships in the toughest road racing terrain on the planet – Dakar Rally, SUV models, pick up with strong and durable performance has always been the traditional strength of Mitsubishi.

With many impressive achievements, the successive championships in all-terrain racing have proven that Mitsubishi can completely create sports cars with outstanding performance, in which the New Mitsubishi Triton semi truck line is very suitable for the iconic “Pick up sports and terrain” model.

New Mitsubishi Triton brings together the key elements – strength, endurance and flexibility – that have accompanied Racing AKA to participate in national and international professional all-terrain racing tournaments such as KOK, AXCR with many remarkable achievements. Inheriting the spirit of “Engineered Beyond Tough” – Outstanding prestige, the 2 New Triton models participating in the HTV Challenge Cup 2020 Terrain Challenge are original vehicles and upgrade the terrain tyres, not interfering with machines for the most outstanding experience in the segment, flexible on all roads.

Possessing state-of-the-art design and robust operation capabilities, impeccable utility, and outstanding active safety systems, the New Mitsubishi Triton is not only the perfect choice for business needs but also meets the rich user experience, especially for drivers who love to experience the terrain and explore conquest. New Triton is the all-terrain car line that fits every partner.

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About Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam:

Mitsubishi Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, and is the official distributor of Mitsubishi Motors Japan in Vietnam and one of the first joint-venture companies to manufacture and distribute automobiles in Vietnam.

With 25 years of experience in the market and the message “Drive your Ambition“, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is always committed to the values ​​and aspirations of the company in the future to customers. We will bring outstanding performance cars with advanced safety equipment.

Currently, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is distributing six models in Vietnam:

  • 5-seater: Attrage
  • 7-seater: Xpander, Xpander Cross, Outlander, Pajero Sport
  • Pick-up: Triton

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