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[Recall] Replace door latch/ wiper system of Outlander Sport/ Outlander

From 14 Jan 2019, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. (MMV) will carry out the recall campaign at MMV’s authorized dealers nationwide, with detailed information as below.

Recall Period: From 14 Jan 2019

Applied vehicles:

88 unit of Outlander Sport imported in 2015

07 unit of Outlander imported in 2008 and 2010

Reason of recall:

  • For Outlander Sport: Replacing Door latch for 88 units of Mitsubishi Outlander sport vehicles which have been imported in 2015.
    The reason of recall: due to insufficient precision of the part caused by inappropriate manufacturing process of the component parts. As a result, the door may not be locked securely.
  • For the Outlander 2008 and 2010: Replacing replace front wiper link ball joint and wiper motor.
    The reason of recall: Due to inappropriate waterproof structure of the front deck portion, water flows along the backside of the front deck garnish, drops down onto the wiper link, and enters the rubber boot which covers the ball joint, causing the ball joint to corrode over time. Water flowing along the backside of the front deck garnish, may drop down onto the wiper motor and accumulate. In the event the motor cooling down after operation, suction at the ventilation cap hole will draw in accumulated water into the motor. This may cause internal corrosion of the motor, resulting in non-operational motor.Necessary time for replacing:
  • For Outlander Sport: about 20 minutes
  • For Outlander 2008 and 2010: about 80 minutes

We would like to inform all related Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and Outlander (imported in 2008 and 2010) owners of this recall campaign and invite you to take your vehicle to MMV‘s authorized dealers for implementing this service-job free of charge.

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