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“Upgrading Journey, earn more rewards” (“Program”) is the program conducted by Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (“MMV”) Ltd., exclusively for owners who are purchasing additional cars or replacing current car at Mitsubishi official Dealership (“Dealers”).

1. Name of the program:

“Upgrading Journey, earn more rewards” 

2. Period and Scope:

  • Program Period: 11th November 2022 – 31st December 2023
  • Geographical scope: Vietnam, nationwide

3. Participants:

Mitsubishi car owners register to participate the Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Loyalty Program (“Loyalty program”) via the mobile app Mitsubishi Connect+ and purchase an additional new Mitsubishi car or replace a new Mitsubishi car at MMV Dealers.

This program does not apply to fleet sales customers.

4. Methods of participation:

Step 1: Customer install and sign-in the mobile app Mitsubishi Connect+, access and register to Loyalty Program, select the section “Upgrading journey, earn more rewards” to join the program. Customer must sign-up to the program before the new car contract is countersigned and is registered on MMV Customer Relations System (“CRM system”).

Step 2: Customer receives the information of their previous sales contract via  CRM system, including Name of contract holder, ID card/Passport numbers (for private owners) or Company Name and Tax code (for corporate owners).

Step 3: Customer check and confirm all the provided information in Step 2. In case customer wants to update his ID/Passport numbers (for private owners) or Company Tax numbers (for corporate owners), an instruction will be given to customer to contact MMV Customer Service Call Center (“Call Center”) to get the support and request to provide MMV relevant copies/ documents.

Step 4: After signing up to the program, the Call Center will contact customer to confirm the given information and allocate to appropriate Dealer for the consultation per customer’s demand.

Step 5: Provided information will be sent to allocated Dealer. The new car contract must have the same ID/Passport numbers or Tax code with the provided information in Step 2 & 3.

Step 6: After completing the new car handover, customer will receive the reward in his Loyalty Program’s account in Mitsubishi Connect+.

5. Rewarding Scheme

  • Rewards of the program will be granted in Service vouchers and Redeem points in the Loyalty Program.
  • Customers will receive the Service vouchers with total value of 3.000.000 VND (Three million Vietnam Dong) for each successful additional car purchase/ replacement at MMV Dealers nationwide within the program period.
  • Rewards given to the Member of this Program cannot be transferred to other Members or exchanged for cash in part or full.
  • MMV has the right to verify the accuracy of the provided information and has the right to refuse granting the rewards once find out any fraudulent during the referral, even after the customer signed the contract and handed over the new purchased car completed at MMV Dealer.

Information of the Program be published on MMV website, Mitsubishi Connect + mobile app and be part of the Customer Loyalty program.

Any enquiry or feedback, customer may contact MMV customer service via Hotline 18001514 and email

Disputes arose from the program, MMV will resolve on cooperative manner with customers. In case there is no mutual agreements had been made, the dispute will be resolved according to Vietnam Laws, and to be judged by the authorized Courts.

Terms and conditions of the program can be revised from MMV at any time, and guarantee that would not violate any of the member’s benefits. Any adjustment (if any) will be announced, registered with the authority by laws and be published on MMV website ( before implementing.

Terms and conditions of the program are published in Vietnamese and English with equal validity. English part (if any) is prepared as a translation of the Vietnamese one, any discrepancy between the two versions will be considered as an error of translation and resolved by referring to the original Vietnamese.

6. Generic Terms

Customer confirms the provided information in the program is correct. In case of any false information, MMV held no responsibility if such information affects or limits the rights of the Customer.

Customer information will be protected and used according to the User data protection policy published on MMV website and be constantly reviewed by the time.

MMV is exempt from liability in the following cases: (i) When the Referrer’s account is misused due to damaged, stolen phone, or changes related to personal information that the Referrer does not promptly notify the MMV; (ii) the software is faulty, hacked or for any objective reason beyond the control of MMV; (iii) in case of force majeure as prescribed by Vietnamese law.


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