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(Latest updated on 19 September 2023)

“Mitsubishi Motor Vietnam Loyalty Program” is conducted by Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV) Ltd., exclusively for owners who purchased and serviced cars at Mitsubishi official Dealership (Dealers).

  1. Register to the Mitsubishi Motor Vietnam Customer Loyalty Program

Program period: from 16th October 2022 to 31st December 2023

Eligible participants: Customers who are individuals or corporates who hold the right ownerships of Mitsubishi cars are eligible to join Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam Customer Loyalty Program (“Loyalty Program” / “Program”) via a mobile application Mitsubishi Connect+. This Program is not applied to fleet sales customers.

Geographics: Vietnam (nationwide)

Method of registration: Customers install the mobile app Mitsubishi Connect+, sign-up and sign-in to the Loyalty Program to register. Customers who registered to the Program will be granted a Membership account. Each account will be linked with all Mitsubishi cars that customer has ownership.

  1. Definitions

Member: is an individual or corporate registered to join the Loyalty Program.

Ranking period: Depends on the official Program registration with the authority, Membership ranking period is every 12-month period from the day (a) a Member made the registration to the Program, or (b) a Member has been granted to Platinum Member rank, subjected to which day that comes earlier.

Ranking Points are points generated from the payments made by Members/ insurances for parts of generic repair, maintenance, genuine oils and chemicals from Mitsubishi when servicing at Dealers recorded on the DMS system; payment does not include VAT and any other discount from other promotional Programs (if any). Point exchange ratio: 1.000 VND = 1 point.

Redeem Points are points generated from the payments made by Members / insurances pay for parts of generic repair, maintenance, genuine oils and chemicals from Mitsubishi when servicing at Dealers recorded on the DMS system; times the coefficient of accumulation, the coefficient rate will be regulated in detail in section number 4. Point exchange ratio: 1.000 VND = 1 point.

Time of Service are the services of generic repair, maintenance paid by Member/ insurance with payment > 0 recorded on the DMS system.

Rewards: are all the service vouchers, GOTIT coupons that can be redeemed by Members of the Program by using Redeem Points accumulated from Regulations in section 4 below, including:

  • Service Voucher values of 100.000 VND, 200.00 VND, 500.000 VND and 1.000.000 VND
  • GOTIT Coupons values of 50.000 VND, 100.000 VND

Total value of the Rewards is 1.500.000.000 VND. Please note that MMV will terminate issuing the Service Voucher and Gotit Coupons once all the issued rewards reached the total value of the Rewards.

  1. Membership Ranking

Members of the Program will be categorized into 2 ranks: Standard and Platinum.

When signing up to the Program, the Member will be ranked Standard by default. Member will be eligible to rank up to Platinum when fulfilling both requirements that are (i) Time of service and (ii) Ranking Points within a Ranking period.

Rank Standard Platinum
Time of Service 0 ≥ 03 (Three)
Ranking Points 0 ≥ 2,100 points
Ranking Period Indefinitely 12 months

Time of service and Ranking Points will be due and set back to 0 when the Ranking period is ended.

When the Standard Member is ranked up to Platinum Member, the Time of service and Ranking Points (not Redeem Points) are set to 0 and his Ranking period will be reset to the date of ranking up to Platinum Member.

Platinum Member needs to fulfill all the requirements of Platinum Membership during the Ranking period to retain the Platinum Membership in the upcoming Ranking period.

  1. Accumulating and spending Redeem Points
  Coefficient Applicable regulations
Standard Platinum
Within Warrantee Out of Warrantee Within Warrantee Out of Warrantee
Accumulating Redeem Points (*) when servicing at Dealers 2% 3% 3% 5% Redeem Point is not applicable to Membership ranking

(*) Depends on the registration with the authority, Redeem Points can be used within 12 months from the date of being redeemed (even though the Member is no longer a Platinum one).

  • Redeem Points may not be used at the same time with other promotional schemes.
  • Member cannot transfer Redeem Points to cash, transfer/ sell to other Members.

In case a Member has more than one car:

  • Ranking Points of the Member will be accumulated separately for each VIN of the car accordingly.
  • Member’s benefits will be applied for each VIN of the car separately.
  • Redeem Points of the Member will be accumulated from all cars that Member currently held ownership (all the VIN have registered to the Program). The Member can apply Redeem Points of variable VIN to redeem the rewards.
  1. Dispute resolutions

Disputes arise from the Program, MMV will resolve on cooperative manner with customers. In case there is no mutual agreements had been made, the dispute will be resolved according to Vietnam Laws, and to be judged by the authorized Courts.

  1. Generic Terms of the Program

Rewards given to the Member of this Program cannot be transferred to other Members or exchanged for cash in part or full.

Ranking points, redeem points and rewards within the program can be revoked in the following cases:

  • Members do not use the corresponding actual services at MMV Authorized Dealers.
  • Information on the amount members pay for spare parts entered into the DMS system does not match the actual amount the member pays for spare parts when using the service at Dealers.
  • Members have other fraudulent activities obtained.

Member’s account will be terminated in the following cases:

  • The Member withdraws from the Program voluntarily.
  • The Member sells/transfers the ownership of the car to others.
  • The Member violates the terms and conditions of the Program:
    • Committed frauds and caused damages to finance, data, images and brand name of the Program to MMV, Dealers or Partners (if any)
    • Other actions that violate Program terms & conditions.

Detailed information of the Program will be officially published on MMV Website.

Terms and conditions of the Program can be revised by MMV at any time and guaranteed that would not violate any of the Member’s benefits. Any adjustment (if any) will be announced, registered with the authority by laws and be published on MMV website before implementing.

Terms and conditions of the Program are published in Vietnamese and English with equal validity. English version (if any) is prepared as a translation of the Vietnamese one. Any discrepancy between the two versions will be considered as an error of translation and resolved by referring to the original Vietnamese version.

Any enquiries or feedback, customer may contact MMV via Customer Service Hotline 18001514 and Email or Dealers to get support.

When the Member clicks on “Accept/ Agree” and complete registration to the Program, this Member confirms that he had read and understood the terms and conditions of the Program.


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