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5 Parts to Check Early to Avoid Car Breakdowns on Long Journeys

After returning from long holiday journeys, your car has been through a variety of terrains and traffic conditions. To ensure your vehicle remains durable and safe for upcoming journeys, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam suggests several inspection and maintenance steps.

1. Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement 

After traveling for a while, engine oil degrades due to heat (oxidation), contamination (dust, water, fuel), and additive consumption, losing its lubricating and protective properties. Replacing the engine oil is crucial to increase engine lifespan and reduce fuel consumption. It’s advised to replace the engine oil filter every 10,000 km or 6 months to prevent dirt from clogging the oil lubrication circuit, leading to serious engine damage. 

2. Tire Check and Inflation 

Prepare effectively for your next long journey by checking and adjusting tire pressure. This ensures driving safety and optimizes fuel consumption. Replace worn or damaged tires to guarantee a safe and complete journey. 

3. Brake System Check

The brake system is a critical safety component. In addition to regular oil and filter changes, pay attention to the brake parts, especially the brake pads, to ensure optimal safety. Brake pads, which clamp onto the brake disc to slow down or stop the vehicle, wear over time and need frequent replacement more than the brake discs. Depending on the driving conditions, brake pads may wear out sooner. Therefore, during regular maintenance, inspect this part to understand the condition of the brake pads and replace them timely. 

4. Electrical System Check

Before embarking on your next long trip, check all lights and other electrical devices to ensure smooth operation. Replace any faulty bulbs and check the battery to avoid unexpected issues while on the road. 

5. Cooling System Check

After continuous operation, especially in hot weather, engines can overheat, causing the coolant to deplete quickly and the cooling system to corrode, leading to severe damage. The engine coolant serves to dissipate excess heat from the combustion process, ensuring the engine does not overheat, operates durably, prevents rust, and reduces wear and tear. Regularly check and replace the coolant to keep the engine in a cooled state and stable operation. 

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This March, Mitsubishi Motors vehicle owners can have their cars checked for free by technicians at Mitsubishi Motors’s authorized service centers, helping you identify the vehicle’s condition and issues needing resolution after long trips. Additionally, there are several maintenance discounts:  
– 30% off car belts. 
– 20% off certain quickly wearing parts (*). 
– 15% off Toyo and Bridgestone tires and batteries. 

With careful maintenance and attractive discounts from Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam, we hope that our maintenance tips and promotion programs will assure customers that their vehicles will remain durable and safe on all journeys. 
To serve our customers diligently and avoid waiting time, appointments can be made through the Mitsubishi Connect+ app or by contacting a representative at authorized MMV dealers nationwide. 

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About Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam: 

Established in 1994 as an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Motors Japan in Vietnam – Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam was one of the first automobile joint-ventures in this market. 

With nearly 30 years of experience in the market and the message “Drive your Ambition”, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is always committed to the values ​​and aspirations of the company in the future to customers. We are proud to deliver outstanding performance cars with advanced safety equipment. 

Currently, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam is distributing 6 models in Vietnam: 

  • 5-seater: Attrage 
  • 7-seater: Xpander, Xpander Cross, Outlander, Pajero Sport 
  • Pick-up: Triton Athlete 


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